Axial Rod
    The Unner Joitns are elements of steering system intended to convey the efforts and movements of the steering mechanism for the directional wheels of the vehicle. Mainly used in vehicles of the light line and utilities, works in conjunction with the rod the connection of the steering box with the tie rod ends.

    The rods should be checked every 10,000km, along with the alignment of the vehicle or in the inspection of the steering box. When identifying clearances, impaired protective hoods or lack of...

  • Tie Rods

    Tie Rods
    It is one of the components of the steering articulation, its main function is to connect the two front wheels of the vehicle, to ensure the rotation of the wheels with the same angle.

    A defect in the tie rods with the vehicle in motion can bring serious risks, so the Driveway products are subjected to continuous improvement processes and field simulation testing thus ensuring greater safety in their use.

    Although many tie rods are alike, their characteristics vary depending on model and yea...

  • Ball Joint

    Ball Joint
    Ball Joint makes the connection between the fixed parts (chassis and body) and the moving parts (telescopic,  steering knuckles and wheel hub) of the vehicle suspension. They receive large loads and efforts during acceleration, braking and cornering, and, in some cases, also support the weight of the vehicle.

    In most vehicles, ball joint can be replaced without replacing the trays or suspension arms, and for a good maintenance of the vehicle geometry the component must be replaced together (p...

  • Tie Rod Ends

    Tie Rod Ends
    The tie rod ends are part of the steering system and are responsible for the articulation of the set, this articulation has three degrees of freedom with respect to a reference system tri-orthogonal.

    Driveway tie rod ends are tested to ensure its durability and fully functioning. It is important to note that all steering system, as well as the suspension system, need to be aligned for that performance and driveability of the vehicle reach its maximum performance. 

  • Tie Rod Stabilizer

    Tie Rod Stabilizer

  • Exchange Terminals

    Exchange Terminals

  • Side Bars

    Side Bars