Quality Policy

One of the goals of Driveway is being a reference in the quality of processes and products in the automotive industry, thus consolidating its brand and having recognition of the excellence of its products by its customers. But, to Driveway quality goes beyond the performance of the products, it is a reflection of the actions that we take in our daily lives.

We want to exceed positively the expectations of all members of the automotive chain, that's why we are one of the only companies in the sector in Brazil that has testing lab and a technology center where we perform rigorous testing on raw materials and finished products, in our laboratory we perform, among others, the following procedures:

- Simulation of the movements of the suspensions, according to current standards in the automotive industry;

- Each release is subjected to fatigue and durability testing in a time of 50,000 cycles;

- Testing on the covers of protection, exposing them to a temperature of -30° and 60° in climatic chamber.